Monday, February 4, 2013

Choco Banana Shake/Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Milk shake,Smoothies every one likes,  for this no age bar.Kids doesn't like plain milk,Even myself also.I always change it's color and smell by adding Boost,Horlicks...
But milk is essential part of our Diet.So ready to make it more Healthy,tasty and Delicious.

Ingredients: serving 1

Milk                        1/2 Glass
Banana,chopped 1
Chocolate sauce 2 tbsp
Vanilla Ice-cream     1 scoop
Sugar                    1/2 tbsp(as required)
Place all items in Blender,blend till smooth texture,then pour in long tall glass and garnish with grated chocolate.Serve chill.

If you don't want to add ice cream skip it and add a drop of vanilla essence.


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