About Me

Welcome Friends, I am Kiran, the face behind this cooking blog "Kiran’s Food Corner". I am a mother of 3 yr old naughty boy and my passion of cooking started only after he came into my life. He inspired me to some innovative thinking in my cooking style so as to have same/healthy dish in a way that "he" likes them. My family and friends appreciated my cooking (taste, presentation, etc.) which has helped me to come a long way and start sharing my recipes.

Once without me knowing, my dear hubby rolled in my name for "Master Chef Season II". But, as I am a pure vegetarian, I was not able to carry forward with their requirement. This was the start of my blogging journey. The cooking which started for me as a hobby, has now been converted into a passion which grew with every new dish I cooked, bringing more happiness into my life.

I hope my cooking, gets to your taste buds treated and add few innovative ideas in the way of cooking. Here the dishes might not be unique but the way they are made, definitely are. So please try my recipes and let me know how did you like (or even unlike) them. It is always a pleasure to get feedback of the work that I do.

Its a humble request that please don’t copy pictures and recipes without my knowledge. I will glad to help you in case you want to re-use them, just contact me.