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Pani Puri Recipe| Gol Gappe | Puchaka Recipe

It is known by different names based on the region – Gol Gappa (East India), Pani Puri (West & South India) or Puchka (North India). This street food sensation is popular among all age groups as it adds a flavorful punch to the palate. Each region or home have their own version of Pani Puri, in terms of fillings

Water                         700-800 ml(3-4 glass water)
Mint                            1 small bunch
Coriander Leaves         1/2 small bunch
Curry leaves                4-5
Green Chilli                 1 1/2
Lemon                        1
Salt                            2 tsp
Black salt                    1 tsp
Ginger                        1/2 inch
Moong                        1/2 cup
Brown gram/chana       1/2 cup
Potato,Boiled,mashed   3-4 med.
Sweet Chutney            1 cup

For pani
Trim all green leaves and wash. Grind it with chilli and ginger into fine paste.
Mix paste into water,add both salt and lemon juice and strain it with strainer.Refrigerate till serve.

For masala
Mix chilli powder and salt, in potato and Keep aside.
1/2 cup Moong+1/2 cup Chana soaked  for 4-5 hrs Separately and pressure cooked for 1 whistle with 1/2 tsp salt.
Crack a small hole in the center of each puri. Drop a tsp of mashed potatoes, then a tsp of moong, gram , then add  sweet chutney and then chopped onion. Finally  pour the prepared pani.
Serve immediately and enjoy the explosion of the sweet tangy and spicy flavors together.



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