Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Made Tomato Ketchup Recipe | Homemade Tomato Sauce Recipe

When I was kid I used to have homemade Sauce.My Mother was waiting, when tomatoes rate falls down and she starts  making  Tomato sauce :)). She adds preservatives also and while cooking sauce use masla potli but I am quite Lazzy So sharing very Simple way. And you can keep it for 1 month but in Freeze.

Tomatoes 12-15
Sugar 1/4 cup+3 tbsp (8 Tbsp)
Peeper,Clove 15-15 each
Cinnamon stick  1 Inch
Bay leaf            2
Salt                  11/2 tsp

Take roughly chopped Tomatoes, clove,pepper,stick,bay leaf in pressure cooker and take 2 whistle in medium flame. Let cool and grind it and Strain . 
keep boiling till mixture become thick (1/3 of it's orignal volume)Add Sugar and salt.
continue to cook till water does not separate.
 To test pour a spoonful on a plate. If t
he water does not separate the right consistency has been reached.(You can see in third click )

For flavoure can add few garlic cloves and 1 onion also.
To get a smoother, free flowing consistency you can add about half tablespoons of cornstarch dissolved in a little water while cooking
Cook on medium or low flame


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