Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thick Shake

 Before Tirupur we were in Surat. Near by railway station every night very much crown front of a shop. That shop serves mouthlicking Thickshake. Even first time I had there.After that I Luv it, oftnely ask to hubby to go there.Now in Tirupur and missing it, so first time i tried it.... 

Ingredients:                                                                                                                   Serving   4
Vanilla Ice cream 750gm
Sauce,crush(Strawberry,chocolate,mango,butter scotch...as yours choice)  4-5tbsp
Some straws
Place the ice-cream in a blender, Blend until the Ice cream is smooth and puffy.
Keep half blended Ice cream (in freezer). Make Equal parts of rest ice cream and blend each part with desires sauce or crush.
Place flavoured ice cream in glass tap it to settle down then feel rest of glass with vannila flavour.
serve immediately

Some notes-
While bending ice cream just take it shouldn't be very liquid, it should be like thick paste.
can make single flavoured thick shake also but i done some variation .You can make it in 3 or 4 flavoured(layers) in one glass but single flavored thick shake is also nice.
Broad straw use for it.


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