Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home made Paneer | Paneer Recipe

I searched on net and read so many recipes then I took conclusion from all and mingle with my Mom's Recipe, she always makes in this way n she thinks any time we can get pure n fresh paneer at home and it's very true....

1 liter Milk (I used full cream)
1 tbsp lemon juice


Boil milk and add lemon juice to the boiling milk.
Continue heating until milk completely curdles and you could see the whey water getting separated completely. Switch off the stove.
Now take a cheese cloth or thin dupatta and strain the paneer. 
I did this with the cloth over a metal strainer and a bowl below to collect the whey water.
Wash with cold water to remove sour taste.Squeeze the excess water by hand.

Place it in a flat platform and keep a flat weight over it to press the paneer for setting it.
Wait for 3 hours or more to set it and then cut into stripes using knife. 

You can refrigerate before cutting and cut when ever you are going to use the paneer.
Then cut into small cubes and store in the fridge in a ziploc. (Use within 2-3 days)
To use it from freezer/ fridge, just immerse in hot water(not boiling) until you use. 


Make sure setting time at least 3 hours. More the time, better the texture of the paneer to get smoothness.
You can knead the chenna (paneer separated from whey) before weight putting  to make the paneer smooth. 

If the cloth is not tight enough to hold the shape in the sides, then sides may be bit crumbly.
You can use curd or vinegar also to curdle the milk. 

You can add 1/2 tsp of corn flour or all purpose flour(maida) in mik. This is used as binding agent and also prevents the paneer from crumbling.

Colour of the paneer depends on  the milk type we use.

Can use whey water to for making dough,cooking rice,dal etc.


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