Monday, June 3, 2013

Shahi Tukda Recipe | Bread Recipe

It's Quick n Easy Desert. All time favorable in my house.I remember my Mom always used to do with leftover Bread slices.And another All Delicious Recipes comes from our Moms n Grannies kitchen But name are different. :))

Serves: 3 Cooking & Preparation Time: 45 mins

4 cups (500ml) Milk 
4 slices Bread 
1 1/2 tbsp custurd powder
Ghee to toast
2 tbsp Nuts (Pista & Badams chopped finely)

For the sugar syrup:
Sugar - 1/4 cup 
Water - 1/2 cup
Boil milk and the custard powder mixed in 2-3 tblsp of milk and mix into it and simmer the milk until its reduces to a thick but poring consistency.If you want you can add the chopped nuts in this stage.Refrigerate it till use.

Toast the bread with ghee in a non-stick tawa such that it becomes crisp. You can use  oven or toaster too. It can deep fried in ghee too.keep aside. Cut into desired shape or before roasting also can cut in shape.
Prepare sugar syrup by heating sugar and water in a pan until a syrup like one thread consistency form . Keep aside
Soak each slice in the sugar syrup and arrange it in a plate.Then pour the milk over the bread 
slices to soak well. Garnish with chopped nuts toasted in ghee. Serve immediately.

Deep frying sure is very tasty so once in a while rich indulgence is not a problem...but on low flame and Don't deep fry/toast in oil as it will spoil the taste.
The bread slices should be crispy else when soaked in milk it will become soggy.
If you wish you can cut the sides of the bread.usually I don't remove the sides of the bread.
You can use either white or brown bread. I used brown here.


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