Monday, April 22, 2013

Puran Poli Recipe

Puran Poli specially Maharashtra Taste and it's made on Gudi Padwa , Hindus New Year.Sweet stuffing in chapati is Delicious. I don't like it but Vik loves Very Much. Maharastrian make Amati ,side dish with it ,it's spicy and made with chana dal water but I made Kadhi with it.This masala ( puran) can keep for 15 days in Refrigerator.

 Preparation Time 20 Min.
Cooking Time 30 Min.
Serving     3
For Poli
2 cup wheat Flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup milk

For Puran
2 cup chana dal
2 cup sugar
1 tbsp ghee
1/8 tsp Tea masala and cardamom powder
Ghee for Frying

Wash and soak dal in 4 1/2 cup water for 1 hr.,then take 3-4 whistle.

Let cool cooker,open if extra water in dal ,then drain water and mash with masher and mix sugar . 

Cook on medium flame,stir continuously, when mixture become little thick add ghee and cook until the mixture become very thick and begins to leave the sides of the pan.Switch off the gas let cool ,after 15 or 20 mixture will be very thick and in Peda or halwa  consistency.Then add tea masala and cardamom powder.If mixture is not in right consistency then cook again for 5 min.

Mix salt and milk in flour and make soft dough with water.
Take small ball and roll in small chapati, spread 2-3 tbsp puran mixture and joint all corners and roll it little.
Transfer on tawa cook both side apply ghee also.
Serve Hot with Hot kadi.If you are not calorie conscious can take extra ghee, I like it.


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